Columbia Sportswear Company

Graphic Production Supervisor

Full Time


Portland, OR

Remote Ok

As the Supv-Graphics, you will lead a team of production artists by applying a solid understanding of design and production knowledge coupled with the ability to problem solve, manage operational and organizational efficiencies and processes. This will be achieved by working with the design manager and/or design director to build out seasonal and long-term strategies for the department. A passion for people, process, calendar awareness and collaborative mindset will ensure success of your team. You guide and influence others either internally and externally and are an expert in converting technical information to compelling business context. Through collaboration and leadership, you will lead a team of production artists to commercialize global product that connects the Columbia consumer to their outdoor passions.

Essential Functions
Lead production artists in exploring new ways to create AP's. Keep on top of new processes that may influence and direct Artwork Packages and schematics. This includes inline and SRT graphic trackers.
Collaborate with design manager and design director to understand seasonal and long-term design initiatives and apply that knowledge to the production team. Manage team to ensure the seasonal direction is met.
Work with Color Design Manager on calendar timelines and hand-offs
Work with cross-functional teams to ensure proper tools are being created.
Excellent verbal and communication skills with cross-functional partners. Guides and influences seniors and PA 2. May aid in training and/or mentoring PA 1.
High level of knowledge of the graphic strike-off process. Manages and directs the process.
Guides and influences department processes and best practices that ensure efficient outcomes and first-time right product
Guides and approves training and training materials. Works closely with upstream and downstream partners to keep abreast of needs.
Guides and manages the departments initiatives: technology, efficiencies, sustainability, etc. Sees future needs/opportunities and directs and adjusts team accordingly
Train new team members as needed
Performs other duties as assigned

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