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Denver, CO

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Denver's Outdoor Recreation Department has seen significant growth over the last three years. Certified Outdoor Recreation Leads support the continued growth of Genesee Experiential Outdoor Challenge Course (GEOC), Urban team building (which includes the climbing wall and school-based programming), water sport instruction for upright paddle boarding and kayaking/canoeing, the Westwood Summer Outdoor Camp Program, the winter Ruby Hill Rail Yard, ski programming for youth in Denver Public Schools and My Denver, as well as hiking and snowshoeing for youth, adult and seniors. Our Recreation Leads provide outdoor program experiences that help connect low-income kids with nature via recreational opportunities such as camping, climbing, in a dynamic outdoor-nature oriented recreation curriculum.

Key Responsibilities:

Deliver high level of customer service to all Outdoor Recreation participants
Display a high degree of competency in all instructor level duties as outlined on instructor job description
Monitor weather and make alternative plans in the event of severe or inclement weather
Mentor newer staff; provide feedback to help develop their facilitation and leadership skills
Maintain a positive group atmosphere in which all participants are welcomed, included and supported
Identify and minimize environmental risks; follow policies and procedures as set forth by ODR
Respond to emergencies and provide patient care; be prepared to summon help/initiate rescue in backcountry environments with no cellphone reception
Maintain proper documentation: challenge course reports, incident/accident reports, rope/equipment logs, etc.
Drive department vehicles including trucks with trailer in tow and 15 passenger mini-buses with participants
Other duties as assigned
Challenge Course

Exhibit relevant knowledge of belaying, climbing, rope handling, knot tying, safety systems, rescues, and risk management practices
Possess knowledge of local operating procedures on challenge course grounds
Communicate with group leaders prior to the program to discuss goals and logistics
Lead a morning meeting with staff prior to the program to discuss facilitation plan
Oversee technical setup of high ropes course
Welcome participants and manage medical forms and liability waivers; review paperwork and follow-up with any concerns
Lead program orientation and ensure teacher/chaperone orientation takes place
Manage emergency response if incident arises including patient care, communication with EMS and proper follow-up documentation
Lead end of day staff meeting to debrief facilitation plan and document equipment usage
Oversee or perform technical rescues as needed
Ensure program paperwork is submitted to the office in a timely manner; relay imperative feedback to coordinator/supervisor
Ensure that staff are meeting expectations and job requirements; report any staff issues to supervisor/coordinators if they arise
Oversee breakdown of all technical equipment, ensure equipment is stored properly and facility is secured
Monitor facility for potential safety concerns; initiate maintenance requests/element safety closures, etc.
Outdoor Education Trips

Assemble all technical and other gear needed for the trip
Create route/itinerary/emergency and teaching plans for the outing
Setup technical systems as needed for activities
Ensure all participants have completed paperwork, review paperwork and follow-up with any concerns
Conduct participant safety briefing
Teach group necessary technical skills for successful and safe participation including, but not limited to belaying, snowshoe use, camping techniques, stove use, etc.
Portable Climbing Wall
Coordinate logistics with event lead prior to program and operation
Transport climbing wall to event location using truck with trailer in tow
Setup climbing wall according to guidelines and procedures
Inspect mechanical components of wall and ensure it is working properly
Test climbing wall cables and setup prior to participant climbing
Manage flow of guests on climbing wall including overseeing sign-in, assisting with harnesses, clipping in/out of wall and spotting
Ensure proper takedown of climbing wall and secure at appropriate location
Serve as a good ambassador for ODR at the very large public events and promote other ODR programs as possible
Supervise other staff members during climbing wall operation
Learn to Ski and Ride (for staff staying on in winter)
Manage group rosters, paperwork and equipment during transport to Winter Park
Ensure that all chaperones understand role
Work with resort staff at rentals to ensure participants are properly outfitted
Maintain presence in lodge during day; respond to injuries/illnesses, manage lunch logistics
Ensure that all rentals are returned and all students get to bus at end of day

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